Designing Design.

Atlanta Design Festival (MA!) envisions the city as a future center of design. Since its inception in 2007, I’ve actively helped shape the identity, brand voice, and beyond.

The Atlanta Design Festival integrates design and architecture events to grow the design economy, connect professionals, and raise awareness of Atlanta as a vibrant, emerging cultural city. Serving as a de facto creative director from the festival’s inception in 2007–2016, I designed the logo, brand identity, and worked closely with founder Bernard McCoy to shape its voice through all major brand touchpoints.

Above all, I oversaw the design of the eagerly anticipated annual book: Design Is Human. Each book approached with a no-nonsense curiosity that ran the gamut from minimalism to maximalism. Not merely a publication telling stories about design — but an artifact on par with its content.

Posters for the 2015 grand opening event.

Video by Aaron Byrd premiering the 2013 book.

Art director Kevin Byrd contributed to and played a key role in shaping the overall strategy of the book. Through the years, I've also had the help of art directors Farbod Kokabi, Mariel Harding, Yoonhwa Jang, and numerous designers and interns.

Modular business cards.

 Founder Bernard McCoy.

Website, launched 2015.
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