The Coca-Cola Company Goes Internet.

From attracting influencers, to incubating ideas for social responsibility, to writing The Coca-Cola Company’s digital brand standards — my team has developed online initiatives for every brand in every market. 

Coca-Cola M5 Website:

In 2005, Coca-Cola needed to reconnect the brand with its core customer — young people. Coke hired five design agencies, from five different continents and gave them carte blanche to interpret ‘optimism’ for new contour-bottle-shaped aluminum cans and an unbranded music film. I was tasked with giving M5 a home online.

The site was a groundbreaking experience that tied all this work together — a collaboration of interactivity, animation and sound. It launched to much acclaim and won numerous awards and recognitions, including an Addy, Flash Forward, and FWA Site of the Day.

Coca-Cola M5

Coca-Cola Digital Brand Standards

Coca-Cola needed to create brand guidelines for their ‘billion dollar brands.’ It required a simple, yet powerful, online platform to unify their brand sites across all global markets. We devised an ultra-flexible system built on functional tiers to showcase content, allow ease of use, and speed site production.

The platform is built on a toolkit comprised of web code and design elements. These allow each market to harness the power of the Coke brand, customizing what’s important to the market, while maintaining site consistency around the globe.
Coca-Cola ‘Billion Dollar Brand’ digital standards.

Live Positively Collective Website:

The site was an ‘idea incubator’ for Coca-Cola’s Live Positively campaign, a grassroots initiative allowing Coke’s global employees to workshop and share corporate social responsiblity ideas and initiatives. The site was an infinate scroll of post-it note colors and raw off-the-grid layout: a dynamic pin-up board.

Coca-Cola M5: I played the part of a creative and art direction and I worked in collaboration with the extraordinary North Kingdom, Mattias Lindberg, Peter Rentz, and sound artist Daedelus.

Coca-Cola Digital Brand Standards: My role was creative director, designer working with digital strategist Dave Rickett.

Live Positively Collective: Project was created in collaboration with Marc Mathieu.
Live Positively Collective

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