Don’t Think—Play, and Ugly Beauty.    

I kicked off the 2016 Creative Mornings lecture series with a talk on ‘Visual Language’ and my personal design principles. 

The theme for the month was ‘Language’, and Stefán used that as a jumping off point to discuss seven design principles, highlighting them with his personal history and work from his time both in his native Iceland and the U.S.

The first of the 800 attendees got to take home a limited edition PLAKAT poster designed by Stefán, using his typeface, Cinderblock.

A thank you to everyone that came out and made it such a great experiende and big thanks to Blake Howard, head of the Creative Mornings Atlanta chapter, for the opportunity to participate in this event. Creative Mornings has done a consistently great job of tightening the bond and raising the profile of ATL’s creative community.

Watch the full video.
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