The Early Majority

An identity and a unique design language for the outdoor apparel company where nobody is an outsider outside.

The crown.

Early Majority makes gear for getting outside. The company stands for gender equality in a category that has traditionally left out the woman’s point of view.

Becoming a member of their brand community allows access to tools for living a life fueled by adventure, art and activism.

Early Majority was founded in Paris by Joy Howard and a team of leaders in the apparel and fashion industry, backed by a network of exceptional investors.

Product detail.

I partnered with this dream boat team to create a core identity and a visual language that was truly unique, striking and timeless — as well as consult on the brand architecture and visual expression. 

The logo is affectionately named the crown. The initials form the spine in an asymmetric structure that captures the winding roads of the brand.

Logo lockup.

Magneric batch.

The Early Majority adventure has begun! Check out the website, read the newsletter and looks us up on Instagram.

Early Majority Sans, bespoke typeface (Beta).
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