The Early Majority

The Parisian apparel startup is building in public. I’ve designed a visual identity and a design platform for the emerging brand.

The crown.

The venture was announced with the following statement: Brands should support and participate in subcultures manifesting a better future. We believe that by doing this, we’re going to move naturally beyond the waking dream of consumerism and spectacle — simply because it’s where good people want to go.

Early Majority is founded by a team of apparel executives, fashion designers and rockstars: Joy Howard, Dmitri Siegel and Hanna ter Meulen. It’s fuelled by progressive ideology and healthy investment.

Logo lockup.

I partnered with this dream boat team to create an identity that was truly unique, build a meaningul visual language, as well as consult and guide their brand story. 

The work started with the core logo; the crown. The initials E and M form the spine of a asymmetric structure that is abstract and brutalist — squishy and fun.

Product detail.

Early Majority Sans, bespoke typeface (Beta).

The Early Majority journey has begun! I’m excited to share additional work as it emerges, but for now, read the newsletter (our learnings about creating an NFT) and check out the Instagram account and become an early member of the community.

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