Making a Mark.

At the frontline of the manufacturing revolution, Markforged designs and builds intelligent 3D printing systems. Working with a dream team to supercharge the visual identity, strategy, and story — we’ve grown the brand from startup to iconic. 

Homepage hero concept.

The Markforged adventure began in early 2020 with a call from CMO Michael Papish. The company, products and people we’re impressive, but the brand impact was blurry. With my core team and a family of talented creative professionals worldwide, we’ve outlined, sharpened the lens, and built a big brand presence.
Times Square Billboards on IPO day, July 2021.

Teaser for the launch of the new FX20 printer, aka the Beast.


This work is ongoing, and manifests in all brand touchpoints, framing up a core corporate narrative that ripples through all creative touchpoints — web, social, experiential, product, and OOH campaign activations.

 The Boston takeover awareness Campaign. 

Markforged website.

IfThen Team and collaborators:
SVP Creative, Art Director, Design: Stefán Kjartansson
VP Creative Director, Design, Animation: Jack Whitman
Brand Strategist, UX and Product naming: Kenny Ferguson
Account Director & Strategist: Christina DelRocco
VFX and animation: Jacob Lange
SVX: Lee Tesche
Corporate strategy: Rick Anwyl
Project Manager: Mollie Santanello
Product Design: Lars Larsen (BIG Architecture)
Designer & Animator: Ricky Tse
Copywriting: Anna Laurent
VFX: Nick Rosendorf
Animation: Alex Ogle
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