Rebranding Cultural Clash.

A growing franchise, Tin Drum asked my team to create a logo and brand system that ties together their eclectic culture with their food menu. 

When founder Steven Chen brought me the the following brief — ’visualize the chaotic energy of Asian street cafés, mixed with a legend of a tin drummer influenced by the music of 80’s new wave musician David Sylvian’ — I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but loved every confusing minute of it.

The solution was a modernist wordmark within a chaotic graphical storm. The mark has an imbedded chevron with mutiple meanings: chopsticks + bowl and/or drumsticks + a drum.

We then surrounded the mark with visual elements that exploded into supergraphics, direct marketing visuals, and digital media.

I acted as a creative director and designer, collaborating with designers Mariel Harding and Farbod Kokabi.

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