Very good kind of identity crisis.

The technology company formerly called Spartan had outgrown their ‘testosterone-fueled’ name and brand, and came to us for a friendlier name and brand that would last a lifetime. 


Having evolved from the founders’ dorm room to a mid-sized tech company using advanced technologies like machine learning, Very was perfectly positioned for the future. 

To capture this essense of this new company, we started with a name. We locked ourselves in a room for a couple of days, threw out and shuffled a myriad of ideas. When the following four letters were written out, it was love at first sight: Very. It’s the most ubiquitous word in the English language, deliciously ironic, and works great as an emphasizer for their clients: Very PBS, Very Mozilla...Very You.

With a dream name in the pocket, making the logo was a natural birth.

To offset a competitive space full of sans-serifs, we cut the mark in an intriguing sharp, bold serif. With those core letters now designed, they just begged to become a full typeface. So, Very went from a logo to an integrated visual communication system. Veteran typographer Michael Cina joined the team and produced a full alphabet to perfection. With an original font in hand, everything Very communicates now reinforces the logo, sparking fresh ideas at every level.

Pitch video.

Application prototypes.

A website prototype.

 The  Very Typeface.

My role was a creative & art director, working with designer Farbod Kokabi, type designer Michael Cina, and brand strategist Kenny Ferguson.
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