Visual Coke Stories.

Coca-Cola’s brand governing is clever—it keeps their image consistent but hip to the times. Through the years, I’ve been invited to contribute.

An ‘intrinsic’ poster for Coke’s social media campaign, celebrating Valentines’s Day 2017.

Coca-Cola brand governing system employs a “70/20/10 canon”: 70% tradition preserves the brand heritage, 20% innovation allows new ideas to the brand, and 10% experimentation invites the unexpected.

Through the years, I’ve worked on all levels of this model — but I always love the experimental 10%. Below are some of my favorite examples:

Coke 100x100:
I was among 230 designers from 15 countries commissioned by Coca-Cola to design a poster celebrating 100 years of the iconic contour bottle.

Coke 100x100 Poster.

The shape I designed is a double entendre — lips wrapped in a heart wrapped around the Coke bottle.

The poster drew accolades and was displayed at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art and included in the book Kiss the Past Hello.

Poster on exhibit at the High Museum of Art.
Seasons Posters:
In 2016, James Sommerville’s global design team pulled me in to contribute posters, or ‘graphic stories’ — building blocks for an ambitious global visual asset program.

Winter: A post-modern, geometric style, showing the tip of the bottle emitting a cloud of cool air. Summer: A simple composition and a hidden dualism. See it? The iconic bottle with a red straw, or a bottle shaped pool with a hand rail. Valentine’s Day.

These posters are intended to inspire, be socialized through Coca-Cola channels, hang in galleries, pop up in stores and in fashion collections.

Marketing Factory Cards: 
Coca-Cola asked us to create a rigurous checklist for their marketing teams to fill out for every project.

We designed cards to help the marketing team keep their work on brand. We did it with an absurdist ‘Oblique Strategies’ twist. Creativity should never be a serious business.

I served as Creative Director, Art Director and Designer for these projects, with design assistance from Farbod Kokabi, strategy from Dave Rickett, and some design and illustration from Yoonhwa Jang.
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